What are Tape-Ins?

Tape-ins are ultra-thin tracks of hair extensions that are attached to your hair with a medical-grade adhesive or tape. They are super lightweight and versatile. They come in various textures and lengths, adding volume and length to your tresses seamlessly. We offer up to 4 textures and 3 lengths to choose from. We’ll ensure we match the best texture to your natural hair for the perfect blend.

Who are Tape-Ins for?

Tape ins are not considered a protective style but if your hair is healthy, heat trained and non relaxed you may like this method. Tape ins are not recommended for anyone experiencing hair loss, alopecia, damaged hair or relaxed hair. 

How Long Do Tape-Ins Last?

Tape-ins are at their best when worn for 4 to 8 weeks at a time, but you can wear them up to 10 weeks. After 2 months of wear, the tape can lose its stickiness and be more prone to separation from your hair. The hair on the extensions will typically still be in good condition, however your new growth could make styling a challenge.

Do Tape-Ins Damage Your Hair?

It might be hard to believe at first, but when properly installed and removed, tape-ins do not cause damage. You can avoid hair loss and damage by finding a trusted stylist who specializes in tape-in extensions.

Don’t try to pull them out, though. Your stylist will use a specially formulated remover solution to remove the extensions from your hair.

Can Tape Ins Be Reused? 

Unfortunately we do not re install used tape ins. We recommend purchasing new hair for new installs and we will offer a discounted rate for new hair purchase if reinstall service is done within 30 days of removal. 


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